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By: | April 27, 2014 | Uncategorized

So what is this all about anyway? Well this is really a story about human interaction on a number of levels. We’ve all had to buy something second hand, maybe it was a car or a piece of furniture or what have you. Personally I was frustrated every time I had to go find such things, much less deal with the anonymous sellers who might not ever return my call, or sell the item to someone else even though they said I was first in line. The existing “tools” available really provide a horrible experience for the buyer and the seller.

While that is the problem we are taking steps to resolve this weekend, there’s another story here. It’s about community. Here in Santa Cruz we have a budding entrepreneurial community. We’re from all walks of life, but we all have one thing in common. We are inspired to do great things together. This was clearly evident when I asked a number of people in our tech community, some of whom I’ve never worked with directly, to help me build out an undisclosed idea.

Say what? You convinced 14 people to sacrifice a weekend without telling them what it was? Apparently so. Why? Honestly you would have to ask them, and I expect the reasons are varied. To be fair, I’m not a prefect stranger and I’ve operated my business in this close knit community since 2008. None the less I feel very humbled to be supported in such a profound way, and in awe of their accomplishments.

This is the biggest team of people I have ever managed, nearly 20 people of diverse backgrounds, and some with strong opinions. This is where the magic comes in. This group of people, many of whom have just met each other for the first time, have all found a way to naturally fall into a role in our team where they could make the biggest contribution. What I have witnessed this weekend is nothing short of amazing.

Twenty four hours ago I announced in front of over 100 people that we were going to build a revolutionary new marketplace. One that would be disruptive to the existing marketplaces that have dominated the internet for many years. What did these people do when I announced a very lofty goal for a 48 hour hack-a-thon? They immediately went to work, analyzing the problems and providing solutions. Today we’ve made substantial progress as a unified team in reaching this goal.

If I had one answer on how to be successful, I would say it is believing in the good in people, and what they can accomplish when put to a challenge.

Chris Miller
Founder – Caffeine.com