How Did I Get High on Caffeine at TechRaising

By: | April 28, 2014 | Uncategorized

We built a startup and delivered a live demo of our product in 48 hours.

My first ever TechRaising weekend was the most electrifying journey. I lived on meat, cheese, the occasional sip of champagne and lots and lots of caffeine. Way more than you’d think, as I had the pleasure of managing the Caffeine project – the brainchild of Chris Miller, Founder of Launch Brigade.

I walked in Friday afternoon with no expectations and walked out Sunday night with a clear road ahead, a strong bond with both our team of 20 amazingly talented people and the TechRaising community, as well as some virtual shares in the company, as Chris decided to offer shares to everyone who signed up as an interested user on over the weekend.

DAY 1 was like a blind date. Random, passionate, fun; everything was on the table. As the conversations progressed, the learning began. About the project, about each other’s capabilities. We set high goals and we knew no fear. By the end of the night, we came up with a basic design of interface for our product, and we did a very early prototyping.

DAY 2 was all about learning and applying that new-found knowledge as fast and effectively as possible. New frameworks came into our attention, and we started applying methodology to everything we did: market research, analysis, clarification, and validation of strategy. By the end of the day, Caffeine became a real team, we trusted each other, and – very, very quickly – we learned how to work together.

DAY 3 found us exhausted, yet focused and determined. This was a day of execution, and we went for it. We got our story together, got the prototype working and continued to build our market strategy.

Demo time came fast. All the work of two days and nights came down to three minutes. Waiting for Chris’s presentation felt longer than the entire weekend. It was a strange mix of being curious of all the other projects and getting ready to find out whether we have really done what we set out to do.

I’m so proud of all the teams who were there. And can’t wait to see where everyone’s journey is taking their project next. What a ride this was! All the people we met, connected with and learned from – the sheer volume of creative energy, passion and knowledge – TechRaising is not just a challenge. For us, it was the best creative space we could possibly imagine.